Organized but Different.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend right before Pesach. We were chatting about when people start to get ready for the holiday – some after Chanuka (!), many after Purim (me included), and some (like her) who wait until just before Pesach.  What made the talk most interesting …

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WEEK 4: The Final Countdown to a Panic Free Pesach – A Checklist

It’s finally here – the last week leading up to Pesach. Take a deep breath. Don’t start panicking now – you’re almost there. You’ve got this. This week is all about the last-minute details that couldn’t be done until now. It’s about consolidating all the lists we’ve been busy creating …

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WEEK 3: The Pre-Pesach No Panic Plan – A Checklist

preparing pesach

Pesach is less than two weeks away. If you were panicking, that might have sounded more like: “PESACH IS IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!” But you’re not in a panic, right? You’ve been following this plan, right? (Psst…Check out Week 1 and Week 2) These days, your pantry is looking pretty …

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WEEK 2: The Pre-Pesach No Panic Plan – A Checklist

Pesach platter display with quote "We conquer by continuing"

Welcome to Week 2 of the Pre-Pesach Plan, also known as T-3 weeks. If you haven’t completed Week 1, you can find it here. By now, all that’s left of Purim are the empty junk food wrappers, the extra weight, and the sugar-fueled squeals of hyper children. It’s time to enter the Pesach zone. …

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10 Things You Need To Know About Getting Organized

Tips fr getting organized

Admit it. There are places in your homes or offices that you’re ashamed of. Piles of paper that never get filed; mounds of laundry that never find their way back to your drawers; closets that are so full, the doors can no longer be opened without risk of injury; desk drawers …

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