WEEK 4: The Final Countdown to a Panic Free Pesach – A Checklist

It’s finally here – the last week leading up to Pesach. Take a deep breath. Don’t start panicking now – you’re almost there. You’ve got this. This week is all about the last-minute details that couldn’t be done until now. It’s about consolidating all the lists we’ve been busy creating …

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WEEK 3: The Pre-Pesach No Panic Plan – A Checklist

preparing pesach

Pesach is less than two weeks away. If you were panicking, that might have sounded more like: “PESACH IS IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!” But you’re not in a panic, right? You’ve been following this plan, right? (Psst…Check out Week 1 and Week 2) These days, your pantry is looking pretty …

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WEEK 2: The Pre-Pesach No Panic Plan – A Checklist

Pesach platter display with quote "We conquer by continuing"

Welcome to Week 2 of the Pre-Pesach Plan, also known as T-3 weeks. If you haven’t completed Week 1, you can find it here. By now, all that’s left of Purim are the empty junk food wrappers, the extra weight, and the sugar-fueled squeals of hyper children. It’s time to enter the Pesach zone. …

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